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What is … Cave Digger VR?

Greetings from witty voice with Fino-British accent is the first thing you will hear when you dive in. You’ll love it.
Set in alternative front-western universe of “Finland-dominated world” (according to a joke from reddit r/vive). Cave digger is a new Free VR game compatible with HTC vive and Oculus Rift. This is a game about digging rocks. It’s about eating glowing mushrooms and getting weird and wonderful effects. It’s about finding treasures, and upgrading tools to blow up some more things with dynamites.
The game mechanics are simple, but very intriguing. When we think of digging, we expect to find something out of it. This game does an excellent job with it. You have multiple tools that digs out different things that all have a different value! The very basic tool you will get from the beginning is the trusty pickaxe. One that you will use the most perhaps! It can digs out silver, gold, ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamond ores.
The ominously powered drill is a tool you can use to drill a hole inside the wall to extract the oil for some time, and collect it with a metal pail to get more money.
The limited, but powerful dynamite can blow up the rocks in the proximity. Of course it also spews out few ores after! We personally had the most fun using the dynamite to blow things up 🙂 Not only that, you can extract various different artefacts by using the saw on the rocks. But be careful, you can break it if you don’t do it properly!
Perhaps the most important tool that you need in almost every situation is the scanner.
Hold it up against the wall, and you will see a lot of stuff in there. It shows where the ores are located (as seen by the shining things inside rocks), it shows where you will need to drill exactly to get the oil flowing. It also shows the square where you can saw in order to extract the artefacts safely. If you saw the walls without using the pre-marked places, the artefact will break!
One of genius aspects of Cave Digger VR is that individual tools can affect each other. For example, let’s say you drill a hole in the wall to extract oil. After a while, it will run out! However you can use the same plot to put a dynamite in and blow it up. You can blow the dynamite by just shoving them inside the rock,However, putting it inside the plot will give you bigger explosion, and more precision. 
The tools are not the only fun aspects of Cave Digger VR. When you take the elevator down, you will go to various stages at random, sometimes beautiful with crystals and sometimes dark with echoes. There are hidden easter eggs as well as various beautiful scenery. We don’t want to spoil the fun, but let us just say, there is a glowing mushroom in the game that gives you various hallucination effects and one of them, can take you into the space.
The company who made this is VRKiwi, a side label of MeKiwi. Kuvion is currently working with VRKiwi in order to help and enlarge the presence of Cave Digger. Check out This Article by us if you want to know more about marketing VR games!

Is Cave Digger VR Recommended to play?

The short answer is very much yes! There are multiple reasons why you should play this game. Cave digger VR is a free game with DLCs coming soon. We’re sure that you’ll love the game because there is nothing like this out there. There is no VR games out in the market right now that has a similar gameplay.
I always felt like there’s something very intriguing, addictive and entertaining about mining out the ores deep inside the earth. Go back, and reap the rewards of your hard work. Upgrade the tools with your hard-earned money, and progress further in game. It gives you sense of exploration and satisfaction after you resurface and check out how much money you have earned in one run. There is also an online scoreboard which syncs with other people. You can try to reach the top of the scoreboard if you dare!

“How much money is enough? Will you be able to stop? What happens if you don’t? The answer to these questions and more lay at the bottom of the mine.”

Cave Digger, VRKiwi 

Visit Cave Digger’s discord server! Come and have some fun with friendly and chill staff members that will welcome you. 

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