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The Proper Way to Get Games Marketed

The proper way to get games marketed is to put a marketing team to deal with it. Just like the proper way to deal with technical problems is to put a technical team to solve them.


Kuvion and our partners solve indie game studios’ marketing problems and know how to get their games sold. We know the importance of reaching influencers in order to get a word out and managing active community to get a great image in the eyes of players.


Our team is equally ready to take either auxiliary role or full responsibility of any indie game marketing project.


Below we have bundled packages of our game marketing services. While they are generally recommended, we certainly agree to customize a unique package deal for your unique situation.

Game Marketing Services


(customized for each customer)

Acquisition of Youtube Let’s Players and Twitch Streamers for Your Game

Reddit Posting with Content Creation

Game Marketing Do-It-Yourself Cheat Sheet

Steam Store Optimization (screenshots, preview image, tags, text check & analytics)

Contacting Press to Publish Reviews of Your Game

Social media content creation for 4 weeks

Improved Steam Optimization (normal optimization plus compelling text and Steam curators management)

Community Management on Steam and Discord Server

Steam Visibility Rounds planning

Something in mind?

Indie Compact Gear


Indie Combat Gear


Indie Comfort Gear


Indie Complete Gear

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Thousands of good games could be successful but never realise it. Don’t let it happen to yours.

Without proper marketing, you will leave your game in an increased risk of pushed down by competition.


You will also leave your game in an increased risk of becoming unnoticed.


And due so, you will also leave it in an increased risk of ending up in a disappointment.


Potential longer term effects of your game’s unrealised success are


  • Your game studio has to be downscaled
  • Your developers won’t get their deserved salaries
  • Your game studio begins to fall apart and
  • Your game studio ends up broke.


And the stress of experiencing all of the above.


We know how to help you avoid above-mentioned danger. But don’t take our word for it as others are already doing it.


Fine job and fluid workflow!

– Gerty Risto, Project Leader, Spawnpoint Coop


Kuvion’s experience on game marketing boosted visibility and made game publishing smoother.

– Jani Kaipainen, CEO, VRKiwi Entertainment

We’re very pleased with the work Kuvion guys did. Cooperation with them is flexible and hassle-free.

– Ville Helttunen, CEO, Kaamos Games Ltd

These are the benefits waiting for you

When it’s time to release, your game will not go unnoticed. We will devise a task timeline for your release maximising impact on launch.


Your game will get a lot of positive feedback from gaming community. Just to remind that there will be some not so great feedback as well because no game can satisfy every taste. But that kind of feedback usually contains the most important information.


Your game and name will enjoy improved image in gaming communities and in the industry knowing that your studio is a credible developer.


Your game will enjoy increased cash flow. This is the main reason why anyone would hire us to work in marketing. With proper marketing cash flow is guaranteed to increase.


When it comes to services, generally there are two paths:


“I will serve just enough to make the maximum profit”


“I will profit just enough to provide the maximum service”



We don’t serve ‘just enough‘.

It’s ez to do with us

It’s just a five-step process. We promise you no back-and-forth time waste but straight to the point.

But I wouldn’t hang around if I were you

More near to a release the tasks are postponed the less time we have to work with. Time is a very valuable resource as we all know, and timing is one of the key factors in release tasks.


If you have any questions in your mind, feel free to ask us about anything related to our game marketing services or should you not be ready to commit to work with us yet, ask anything about game marketing in general. We will get back to you asap and help you the best we can.

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