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Two things are infinite — the universe and change — (and the polar night here in the north). Neither can be controlled but we harness both at our own will, for the joy of others and us. We are a communications agency, which forte is in the game industry. We create together, lament together and rejoice together because what any good there is without joy to others as well.

We make change by creating new with our great pals.


Every entrepreneur has at least once thought how to earn customers. Many have considered how to keep visiting customers and some speculate to which channels to allocate budget. If you want to take a step up in your company’s marketing effort but don’t quite like to take the jump to hiring your own marketing specialists — read on.







Our passion is to help small companies grow. Knowing that you have helped others is a great feeling. Our goal is to achieve your marketing communications goals. Together with you we plan and customize the scope of our services to best fit your current situation.

At Kuvion we do:

  • Search engine optimization and marketing (SEO, SEM)
  • Email marketing
  • Crowdspeaking campaigns
  • Google Play and Apple App Store pages design

We are happy to approach a new project with a casual meeting either face-to-face or remotely, without any commitment required from you.


Commercializing your game takes a lot of time, right? We can handle that for you so you’ll have more time for game development! Influencer outreach is currently one of the best ways to reach your potential players.

  • Launch campaigns
  • Websites and press kit
  • Social media promotion and media acquisition
  • Marketing content creation
  • Consulting
  • Analytics and reports and
  • Influencer outreach of course

We can promote your game to youtubers, streamers and media. In PC and console game markets, game streams, let’s play -videos and game articles and reviews are effective channels to gain exposure that leads to increased sales.

We can create the website to your game and company from a commercial standpoint. Press kit is an important addition for any professional game developers’ website and when one is contacting media people. We make sure that the press kit of your company or game contains every important piece of information and presented clearly.

We can produce stopping content for your target audience – or help designing it for you to create it. We produce marketing materials like pictures, screenshots, gifs, memes, press kits and videos. Trailers and gif animations, for instance, attract gamers’ attention on the Internet and present your game in a compelling way.

We can promote your game on social media. We can also acquire profitable media spots to advertise your game.

We can also take the role of a consultant – with even a brief consultation, major pitfalls can be avoided.

Ultimately, the aim of every process is to increase your sales profit. We focus on the standpoint of how a game will be pushed to a market. We do not have an intention nor prerequisite to take part in your game development itself, although if wished, we can offer advisory role regarding commercial aspects to it.

About pricing
Since every project is unique we first need some information of your situation to estimate project costs. Please contact us and let’s talk.

If your business is not using social media effectively yet, we can help you to get on the right track. Alternatively, you can outsource most of the tasks to us since at Kuvion we really love to work on social media.

Goal-oriented and sharp-witted social media utilization will bring your company more customers, improve existing customer commitment and increase customer satisfaction. At Kuvion we do:

  • community management and customer communications
  • content creation
  • graphic and art for social media
  • social media advertising

Social media activities include content creation, customer communications and graphics. We want to develop your social media channels towards a more active community. With the help of analytics tools we will find out exactly what needs improving. We currently offer services to the channels below:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

A visually appealing and stylish user interface ensures a pleasant experience for the user. Gamification keeps your customers engaged with your services and your brand for a much longer time.

We develop software and apps for PC and Android platforms. Our services cover the design and development from start to finish.

  • Android and PC platforms
  • Technical and graphic design
  • Gamification
  • UI & UX design


An easy-to-use and customer friendly website is your company’s best asset in the digital environment. The user experience for your audience is the focus of our planning. We create website solutions tailored to your needs, taking into account technical and budgetary limitations while striving to get the highest customer satisfaction results from our projects.

At Kuvion we do:

  • graphical visual style
  • content creation
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • web analytics

You can choose the type of website project according to your wishes, such as:

  • simple, bang-for-your-buck solution for small-scale purposes
  • customized website solution with selectable features
  • the whole package service – sit back and smile while we do our magic for you

We are happy to approach a new project with a casual meeting either face-to-face or remotely, without any commitment required from you.

Memorable and strong visual design will make your brand easy to remember. It will engage your target audience and help you get heard.

  • Visual brand design
  • Advertisement and marketing graphics
  • Visual style guides
  • Infographics

We can refresh your old visual style or create a completely new one. We’ll design a great looking visual style for marketing materials such as logos, ads and business cards.


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Teemu Kinnunen

Teemu Kinnunen



I’m interested in almost everything and I get excited very easily about new things. I’m a fast and creative brainstormer and a jack of all trades. I’m constantly looking for ways to do things more efficiently. I spend my free time playing computer games, watching series and movies, and playing guitar.

Joonas Ylläsjärvi

Joonas Ylläsjärvi



I really like problem solving and developing new ideas. I’m eager to learn about as many things as possible. I feed my curious personality by learning new things and by training my own skills. On my free time you can find me with electronics, games, movies or series.

Lauri Ikkala

Lauri Ikkala



I enjoy to be as a part of development projects in which each one is determined to bring their best to try to create something wonderful. I operate in the areas of marketing communications, commercial matters and analytics. When I’m not building our business, I relax by doing many kinds of activities with my buddies, listening inspiring music on Spotify or laughing watching The Office.




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